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Here you can find tips free books and guids for learning and improving English skills as Speaking, Writing, Listening and Grammar

where to get free programming books

Which is the best PDF programming book website?

Are you looking for the Best Free Programming eBooks on PHP, Python, Ruby, Java etc? Choose from over 40+ eBooks for Free! Read and Download eBooks for Free: anytime with GoalKicker.com! Most of the books are compiled from Stack Overflow Documentation. At the end of each book, you’ll see all the author names and contributors…

Where to Get Books in English on TAS-IX

Where to Get Books in English on TAS-IX?

Txt.uz is a website where you can download your favourite books in English as well as in Russian. Just like Wikipedia, you can contribute new information or corrections to the catalog. You can browse by subjects, authors or lists members have created. If you love books, why not help build a library? Books on the site are presented in the most…

How to improve speaking in a short time(4 tips)?

How to improve speaking in a short time(4 tips)?

Tip #1 — practice with native speakers as often as possible. Improving english is all about practice. You can  memorize a lot of words and you can know all the grammar rules but it’s impossible to improve speaking only by reading. Tip #2 — learn idioms and sound like a native speaker. Idioms are phrases…

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