How to install Manjaro Linux — installation’s instruction of OS Manjaro Linux

How to install Manjaro Linux Как установить Manjaro

Manjaro installation instructions can be found at the links below. They are suitable for both novice and experienced users. These instructions apply to installing Manjaro both as the primary system and on Oracle’s Virtualbox. When you restart the computer (or start the virtual machine) after connecting the media with the installation image, the boot process from it should start automatically. If this does not happen, and the computer continues to load the operating system already installed on it in normal mode, check the following:

The ISO image and the selected media are not damaged, but
Your drive or USB drive, depending on what you choose, is placed at the top or at least above the hard drive in the list of bootable devices.
To check and, if necessary, change the boot order, you must either go to the BIOS settings of the computer, if Manjaro is installed as the main operating system, or into the Virtualbox System Settings, if the installation is done on a virtual machine.

Manjaro Installation Instructions

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