How to improve speaking in a short time(4 tips)?

Tip #1 — practice with native speakers as often as possible.
Improving english is all about practice. You can  memorize a lot of words and you can know all the grammar rules but it’s impossible to improve speaking only by reading.

Tip #2 — learn idioms and sound like a native speaker.
Idioms are phrases or sayings with meanings that are different than what is actually being said. In other words, they should not be taken literally.

Tip #3 — speak more naturally using phrasal verbs.
There are many Phrasal verbs in the English language. Try learn a few every week. Here is an example: Bump into — to meat without planning, or spontaneously.

Tip #4 — Watch movies and listen to podcasts.
Yeah everybody say so. But no one say how to use it correcly. You must watch understandable movies and listen to understandable podcasts. If you don’t understand what is being said you’ll never improve your English. It’ll be just useless activity you do with hope that you can improve English with that.

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