10 Free Hostings for WordPress

free wordpress hostings бесплатный хостинг

10 Free Hostings for WordPress

Hello to all readers of WeBlog.uz. Today I will tell you about free hosting with php and mysql support, which is needed for WordPress and not only for WordPress, but for all CMS (Content Management System) engines.

Why do you need free hosting? 

Web hosting is already cheap, 100-200 rubles, but nevertheless, my blog was on a free hosting, then this blog was on a free hosting of hostiman.ru host provider. 1 GB was enough for me. The Internet is full of free hostings but not all of them are high qualitative and support php and mysql. I changed hosting about five times and settled on this (hostiman.ru).

If the hosting supports php and mysql, then you can create a website with a working engine (using a content management system, (CMS)). WordPress is the most popular engine, there are Drupal, DLE, Joomla, etc. My first free hosting hostinger.ru was an excellent hosting, but after some time the free tariff was deleted, then I found another hosting provider  hostinger.co.uk which did the same thing(deleted free tariff).

free hosting for WordPress with php and mysql support

  1. Hostiman (hostiman.ru) — Besides a web hosting, there they give a free VPN. Here you can get space for two web sites, two databases, two FTP, two domains and 2 GB (gigabytes) of space for the site.
  2.  000webhost — free hosting with PHP and MySQL, as well as PHP mail and pre-installed Curl, GD2, ImageMagick. They give 1.5 Gigabytes of space for the site and 100Gb for traffic. cPanel control. You can use two databases, bind five domains.
  3. CpanelHosting — provider with the tariff for free hosting (free hosting), where there is support for PHP and MySQL.

Hosting is issued virtually without registration (Email indicates and all the necessary data comes to it) and without any SMS there (as in case of hostinger recently).


I used only these providers and the rest I will write only the names. If someone used then write in the comments or to me by e-mail: jamshidsfj91@gmail.com

  1. ZZZ — Ukrainian provider which provides free hosting service


  1. Byethost
  2. BestOf
  3. Freehostia.com
  4. Hostmonster.org.ua
  5. Vagonchik.com


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